Braces all gone!! :)

Omg!! The best thing ever happened to me yesterday! I got my braces off…..but I’m not totally free because I still have to wear a retainer for two months twenty fours a day that gives me a bit of a lisp. So it was kind of like trading the braces for a lesser form of it that I can take out. I am totally obsessed with this British boy band called One Direction. Some girls at my rehearsal for this play I’m in at school were obsessing over the band’s album coming out so I decided to check them out because each one was absolutely adorable in their own special way. I don’t have a favorite but it won’t be long till I’m obsessed about marrying them, but conflicted because I want to marry Justin Bieber too (yes I know these dreams are unrealistic but I can dream cant I?). Yes I’m a Justin Bieber fan or a Belieber as most say so the appropriate time to groan at the mention of his name would be now. At first I didn’t like him because he sounded like a girl but as his voice got deeper I feel in love. I love you Justin!!! I am also obsessed with the Hunger Games. I am reading the book and I said to myself I will read it for about fifteen minutes and ended up reading it for about hour and a half. That’s how action packed it is and it’s great how both boys and girls can relate to it. Seriously anyone can read this book. So anyway today’s outfit is a simple thing that says a lot which I like a lot. The netted white shirt I got from Macy’s and the tank top and pants are the most common brand in my closet, Arizona. Not much in the accessory department because it’s obvious this outfit needs no flashy things to complete it. As for the pants I got some paint from helping with the set at rehearsal today crossed fingers that it comes out. Tell me what you think of the Hunger Games and how stoked you are about the premiere tomorrow at midnight!!! See Ya! 🙂


I am so tired right now >_<

Me and My braces 😛

I’m back from my trip to Texas and I had a great time. It was kind of depressing when I came back because there were no palm trees and when we first landed the grass was brown. We went to a restaurant and I was happy to discover that the grass was actually green in most places. The evergreen trees also never fail to be green. My dad said something that got me to thinking what do the people who live in these wonderful warm places do for vacations? Do they just go to warmer places or colder ones? Do they really appreciate their extremely good weather or do they take it for granted?  I know I sure don’t, we went swimming in the pool at our hotel (it was on the fifth floor which I thought was pretty cool I had never thought that was possible.) and I was the only one to stay in the whole time despite how cold the water was. I had to take advantage of every opportunity I had because there’s no assurance that the weather at home will stay like an early spring for long. I am so happy that I found some really unique things at little shops in La Vilita and the river walk. I found a really cute hat and lots of other accessories including one made out of Brazilian grass. These will slowly pop up in blogs to come so be on the lookout. I had to wake up at four something in the morning to catch the flight back home but I so wish I could’ve stayed longer; three days isn’t nearly enough time to explore. I am going to be so tired at school tomorrow because I have to get up to catch the bus at about six in the morning. But I get a break because on Tuesday I get my braces off and I don’t have to come to school. You probably never knew I had braces because I don’ like to smile all toothy in my modeling pictures but yes I do and not for long. A video and some pictures will come soon. This might become my regular day along with Wednesday because I just keep blogging on this day. I guess all the fun stuff I can’t wait to blog happens over the weekend. 🙂 See you on Wednesday!! 🙂 (And possibly Sunday)

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Early Summer Weather + Me



Today was a school day as usual. I have what’s called odd and even days at my school. On the odd days I have all the classes that are odd numbered meaning 1st hour, 3rd hour, 5th hour and 7th hour. On even days I have all the classes that are even numbers meaning 2nd hour, 4th hour and 6th hour with seminar added in. It is really confusing but after a while it becomes so natural you don’t even notice. So any way today was an even day and I had choir, seminar, writ lit(English) and Spanish. These are my favorite days because it is all my fun classes. On odd days I have geometry, world history, biology and keyboarding which wouldn’t be so bad but for the fact that world history and biology are really boring for me. I just don’t really find either of them interesting, in fact the other day I was so tired and bored I was dosing off in world history. My outfit today totally mirrors my mood I long to be near water for some strange reason and the blue plaid and navy blue makes me feel a little closer to a beach. Both the paints and the plaid shirt are Arizona (a classic girls’ size because i am small and can still fit the clothes). The tank top is another Marshall’s steal that I got back in September for the start of school. The sandals are pretty old friends that I’m glad to be reunited with again. They are probably only a year old but I can’t remember where they are from. Sandal shopping is always hard for me because the strap on the back of the ankle is never tight enough for my small and petite ankles. I always have to go to a so many stores when I want some new ones which I wouldn’t mind but I fall in love with a shoe only to discover it doesn’t fit me at all. (I want to go wedge shopping soon wish me luck!) Oh! I just remembered they are from Target which I was really surprised in because who would’ve though target make shoes that teenage girls like me actually want to wear. So kudos to you target for specializing in something I like.  There was however something seriously missing in this outfit for me, I didn’t have a good necklace to wear. I wanted either a sea shell or just something small and unique. I did find something in the morning but it was just the pendant itself so I had no time to fix it up. The weather was just perfect today; a breeze flowed through the air while the sun warmed up with such a wonderful light. The clouds in the sky couldn’t block the light from shining through and there was just certain moisture in the air that I couldn’t explain. When I got off of the bus this afternoon I could almost hear the ice cream truck coming down the street. Exciting things coming up for me. I could leap for joy. I am going to Texas tomorrow which has even better weather that will last. Here in Michigan I doubt we will be blessed to get another day in the seventies like today. I have so much to pack and I’ll try to take as many pictures and video as I can. 🙂 Like leave comments and some places I can go to get vintage things (I’m hungry for them. :))

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Spring Day in March

Today was a pretty good day. I went to church for most of the day (aka: the reason why i was trying because my church is like my extended family) which is always fun because I get to praise the lord and share with others who love him much as I do. I’m a Baptist so that’s why the dress code isn’t very strict. There’s more of an unspoken dress code but the basics are “keep anything that shouldn’t be hanging out in.”  I have a lot of church friends that are younger than me by about two or more years and only one that is exactly my age; she is fourteen and her name is Paris. I can talk to her about stuff that if I tried to talk to a bunch of twelve year olds would yield no response and or a chorus of “ewww.” She wasn’t there today probably because of another swim meet or practice. She has been an avid swimmer ever since I’ve known her and everyone says she’s good but I haven’t had a chance to see it. There are other kids my age but we just haven’t really talked. Yeah, I also know this isn’t my regular day but I just could wait until Wednesday for my post. So let’s talk about the outfit; it doesn’t have that many complicated parts to it. I thought a lot about this seeing that is my first post. The simpler the better so this was only the most perfect thing I could pick. The boots are from Marshalls (a real steal because in this store there’s only a few of something) so you probably won’t find them, the jeans are just a regular Arizona brand pair and the shirt and bracelet are from my new favorite store forever 21. As for the earrings, they are from a little place I always go to for earrings, Claire’s. It is pretty warm outside but my dad who was taking the pictures was worried about me because i was just sick. The pictures will be better next time I promise; I couldn’t think of poses and I didn’t want to take up to much of my dad’s time. 🙂 Click on the pictures to make them bigger. For the rest of the day I am just relaxing at home which I rarely ever get to do because of my busy schedule during the week. Please leave comments, like and I’ll see you Wednesday.

Hello world!

I never thought I would be doing this. My very own blog that I get to write all my feelings and show off what I am wearing to an audience whenever I want. I can’t start this blog without giving props to these blogs that inspired me: Steffy’s Pros and Cons, Girl Next Door Fashion and Canned Fashion. There are so many others but after reading three I really enjoyed I couldn’t wait any longer.
Today was not one of my most exciting days but it was fun for me so that’s all that matters. I went to praise dance practice at my church this morning and we brought out an older dance which was fun because we have been constantly learning new ones lately. It was to the song “This is the Day That the Lord Has Made” by Fred Hammond. I wasn’t wearing anything spectacular today (aka: sweats) which is why there isn’t a picture. This is literally my “hello!” post but my fashion post will come tomorrow when I am actually trying 🙂 My regular day will be every wedneday but for a while it will be a wierd schedule so just play along. Michigan weather is so bipolar right now that when the wind blows it’s almost as if it’s giving you a spring kiss and smacking you with the bitterness of winter at the same time…..and that’s only today. The highest temperature next week is supposed to be seventy degrees and any Michigan native knows that it is not normal in the middle of March. Exciting things coming up for me are my trip to Texas next Thursday which I will try to get some pictures on here as soon as I can. Why am I going to Texas? You ask. Well my mom has a business trip for all of next week and since it’s a school week my sister, dad and I are tagging along starting Thursday. Leave comments, like my blog and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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