Hello world!

I never thought I would be doing this. My very own blog that I get to write all my feelings and show off what I am wearing to an audience whenever I want. I can’t start this blog without giving props to these blogs that inspired me: Steffy’s Pros and Cons, Girl Next Door Fashion and Canned Fashion. There are so many others but after reading three I really enjoyed I couldn’t wait any longer.
Today was not one of my most exciting days but it was fun for me so that’s all that matters. I went to praise dance practice at my church this morning and we brought out an older dance which was fun because we have been constantly learning new ones lately. It was to the song “This is the Day That the Lord Has Made” by Fred Hammond. I wasn’t wearing anything spectacular today (aka: sweats) which is why there isn’t a picture. This is literally my “hello!” post but my fashion post will come tomorrow when I am actually trying 🙂 My regular day will be every wedneday but for a while it will be a wierd schedule so just play along. Michigan weather is so bipolar right now that when the wind blows it’s almost as if it’s giving you a spring kiss and smacking you with the bitterness of winter at the same time…..and that’s only today. The highest temperature next week is supposed to be seventy degrees and any Michigan native knows that it is not normal in the middle of March. Exciting things coming up for me are my trip to Texas next Thursday which I will try to get some pictures on here as soon as I can. Why am I going to Texas? You ask. Well my mom has a business trip for all of next week and since it’s a school week my sister, dad and I are tagging along starting Thursday. Leave comments, like my blog and have a wonderful day! 🙂

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