Spring Day in March

Today was a pretty good day. I went to church for most of the day (aka: the reason why i was trying because my church is like my extended family) which is always fun because I get to praise the lord and share with others who love him much as I do. I’m a Baptist so that’s why the dress code isn’t very strict. There’s more of an unspoken dress code but the basics are “keep anything that shouldn’t be hanging out in.”  I have a lot of church friends that are younger than me by about two or more years and only one that is exactly my age; she is fourteen and her name is Paris. I can talk to her about stuff that if I tried to talk to a bunch of twelve year olds would yield no response and or a chorus of “ewww.” She wasn’t there today probably because of another swim meet or practice. She has been an avid swimmer ever since I’ve known her and everyone says she’s good but I haven’t had a chance to see it. There are other kids my age but we just haven’t really talked. Yeah, I also know this isn’t my regular day but I just could wait until Wednesday for my post. So let’s talk about the outfit; it doesn’t have that many complicated parts to it. I thought a lot about this seeing that is my first post. The simpler the better so this was only the most perfect thing I could pick. The boots are from Marshalls (a real steal because in this store there’s only a few of something) so you probably won’t find them, the jeans are just a regular Arizona brand pair and the shirt and bracelet are from my new favorite store forever 21. As for the earrings, they are from a little place I always go to for earrings, Claire’s. It is pretty warm outside but my dad who was taking the pictures was worried about me because i was just sick. The pictures will be better next time I promise; I couldn’t think of poses and I didn’t want to take up to much of my dad’s time. 🙂 Click on the pictures to make them bigger. For the rest of the day I am just relaxing at home which I rarely ever get to do because of my busy schedule during the week. Please leave comments, like and I’ll see you Wednesday.


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