Early Summer Weather + Me



Today was a school day as usual. I have what’s called odd and even days at my school. On the odd days I have all the classes that are odd numbered meaning 1st hour, 3rd hour, 5th hour and 7th hour. On even days I have all the classes that are even numbers meaning 2nd hour, 4th hour and 6th hour with seminar added in. It is really confusing but after a while it becomes so natural you don’t even notice. So any way today was an even day and I had choir, seminar, writ lit(English) and Spanish. These are my favorite days because it is all my fun classes. On odd days I have geometry, world history, biology and keyboarding which wouldn’t be so bad but for the fact that world history and biology are really boring for me. I just don’t really find either of them interesting, in fact the other day I was so tired and bored I was dosing off in world history. My outfit today totally mirrors my mood I long to be near water for some strange reason and the blue plaid and navy blue makes me feel a little closer to a beach. Both the paints and the plaid shirt are Arizona (a classic girls’ size because i am small and can still fit the clothes). The tank top is another Marshall’s steal that I got back in September for the start of school. The sandals are pretty old friends that I’m glad to be reunited with again. They are probably only a year old but I can’t remember where they are from. Sandal shopping is always hard for me because the strap on the back of the ankle is never tight enough for my small and petite ankles. I always have to go to a so many stores when I want some new ones which I wouldn’t mind but I fall in love with a shoe only to discover it doesn’t fit me at all. (I want to go wedge shopping soon wish me luck!) Oh! I just remembered they are from Target which I was really surprised in because who would’ve though target make shoes that teenage girls like me actually want to wear. So kudos to you target for specializing in something I like.  There was however something seriously missing in this outfit for me, I didn’t have a good necklace to wear. I wanted either a sea shell or just something small and unique. I did find something in the morning but it was just the pendant itself so I had no time to fix it up. The weather was just perfect today; a breeze flowed through the air while the sun warmed up with such a wonderful light. The clouds in the sky couldn’t block the light from shining through and there was just certain moisture in the air that I couldn’t explain. When I got off of the bus this afternoon I could almost hear the ice cream truck coming down the street. Exciting things coming up for me. I could leap for joy. I am going to Texas tomorrow which has even better weather that will last. Here in Michigan I doubt we will be blessed to get another day in the seventies like today. I have so much to pack and I’ll try to take as many pictures and video as I can. 🙂 Like leave comments and some places I can go to get vintage things (I’m hungry for them. :))

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