I am so tired right now >_<

Me and My braces 😛

I’m back from my trip to Texas and I had a great time. It was kind of depressing when I came back because there were no palm trees and when we first landed the grass was brown. We went to a restaurant and I was happy to discover that the grass was actually green in most places. The evergreen trees also never fail to be green. My dad said something that got me to thinking what do the people who live in these wonderful warm places do for vacations? Do they just go to warmer places or colder ones? Do they really appreciate their extremely good weather or do they take it for granted?  I know I sure don’t, we went swimming in the pool at our hotel (it was on the fifth floor which I thought was pretty cool I had never thought that was possible.) and I was the only one to stay in the whole time despite how cold the water was. I had to take advantage of every opportunity I had because there’s no assurance that the weather at home will stay like an early spring for long. I am so happy that I found some really unique things at little shops in La Vilita and the river walk. I found a really cute hat and lots of other accessories including one made out of Brazilian grass. These will slowly pop up in blogs to come so be on the lookout. I had to wake up at four something in the morning to catch the flight back home but I so wish I could’ve stayed longer; three days isn’t nearly enough time to explore. I am going to be so tired at school tomorrow because I have to get up to catch the bus at about six in the morning. But I get a break because on Tuesday I get my braces off and I don’t have to come to school. You probably never knew I had braces because I don’ like to smile all toothy in my modeling pictures but yes I do and not for long. A video and some pictures will come soon. This might become my regular day along with Wednesday because I just keep blogging on this day. I guess all the fun stuff I can’t wait to blog happens over the weekend. 🙂 See you on Wednesday!! 🙂 (And possibly Sunday)

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