Braces all gone!! :)

Omg!! The best thing ever happened to me yesterday! I got my braces off…..but I’m not totally free because I still have to wear a retainer for two months twenty fours a day that gives me a bit of a lisp. So it was kind of like trading the braces for a lesser form of it that I can take out. I am totally obsessed with this British boy band called One Direction. Some girls at my rehearsal for this play I’m in at school were obsessing over the band’s album coming out so I decided to check them out because each one was absolutely adorable in their own special way. I don’t have a favorite but it won’t be long till I’m obsessed about marrying them, but conflicted because I want to marry Justin Bieber too (yes I know these dreams are unrealistic but I can dream cant I?). Yes I’m a Justin Bieber fan or a Belieber as most say so the appropriate time to groan at the mention of his name would be now. At first I didn’t like him because he sounded like a girl but as his voice got deeper I feel in love. I love you Justin!!! I am also obsessed with the Hunger Games. I am reading the book and I said to myself I will read it for about fifteen minutes and ended up reading it for about hour and a half. That’s how action packed it is and it’s great how both boys and girls can relate to it. Seriously anyone can read this book. So anyway today’s outfit is a simple thing that says a lot which I like a lot. The netted white shirt I got from Macy’s and the tank top and pants are the most common brand in my closet, Arizona. Not much in the accessory department because it’s obvious this outfit needs no flashy things to complete it. As for the pants I got some paint from helping with the set at rehearsal today crossed fingers that it comes out. Tell me what you think of the Hunger Games and how stoked you are about the premiere tomorrow at midnight!!! See Ya! 🙂


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