Blueberry Taffy Yum!

Hello!! I know I missed Wednesday but I have a really good reason. The week leading up to spring break has been I really busy one. I had three projects and on one I was doing all the work and on another one of my partners was not doing any work. It was so stressful for me I couldn’t find the time. It also didn’t help that I had choral festival at my school on Wednesday and was gone most of the day. So I am so tired right now. This is going to be a short post because I am so tired I could fall asleep literally anywhere. My outfit is one of my favorites. The shirt is form Forever 21, pants from Macy’s (Levi’s) and the shoes are from Justice. Funny story about the shoes, I got them in seventh grade and I was so embarrassed that they were from Justice that I ripped off the logo. But the design on the shoe itself has Justice written all over so it was most definitely a hollow victory. I know you’re thinking “how does she still fit those shoes?” Well to be honest I don’t even know I know my feet have grown but Justice shoes tend to run big because I have a pair of fuggs bought around the same time and they still fit to this day. Levi’s hold a very special place in my heart because they always make me look my best; hugging in all the right places. I have no idea why but the shirt reminds me of a taffy chewy type candy. It is actually a crop top but anyone who has met my parents know they will not let me wear that without anything under it; hence there’s a tank top undercover. 🙂 Parents love you guys!! Oh yeah I almost forgot happy late April Fool’s day!!!! Let your prancing endeavors be successful. Also sorry about the quality of the pictures I was having trouble finding good lighting cause it was too late to go outside. 😛


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