My Ultimate Color

OMG this week is so busy; I have been doing so much. I am in a play at my school and rehearsal is going really late into the night because we show next weekend. (Excited!) I have three tests this week but luckily I just took on today. The outfit is my ultimate favorite color. And with the striped shirt (who doesn’t love stripes) it is a savory combination. It has once again gotten cold as I knew it would; the early summer was not meant to last. To be honest I just tried this. This is going to be really short because I am at school waiting for my part. I am typing this on my phone which is a palm pixi that I have wrapped in tape because it is falling apart  it is clear I need a new phone but I have to wait for my dad’s contract to run out so we can get on a family plan. In the play I am playing a fairy. I have a Spanish test tomorrow and I haven’t had time to study because of this play but it’s all good cause I will study after I am finished typing. Wish me luck!
Shoes: Converse from DSW
Pants: Justice cords (really warm)
Shirt: Forever 21

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