Rainy Day

Another busy day but this time at church. That is why the last post was short and sweet because I was in the middle of doing something. Today I had first and second service for my pastor’s anniversary which was really nice both services. The preachers didn’t go on too long at all and both really talked to my pastor as they should. I mean it is his anniversary. Another long overdue thing but I don’t have tickets to see One Direction for when they come here June first. I cried when my mom told me they were sold out. All those out there who think I am crazy for crying over not getting to go to a concert think of a time you really wanted to go somewhere and you found out you couldn’t. Exactly. Today and probably all of this week is going to be rainy days hence my rain boots. I actually don’t wear them a lot even when it rains which is ironic considering how much I went through to get them. I had to go to several stores that didn’t have any, had ones that were too small or that I didn’t like. And the color combination of the hoddie and tank top just makes me feel like the happiest girl. I don’t really know why but this outfit brightened my mood even though rainy days usually make me melancholy. This week is going to be sooo busy because my play at school is showing this Friday and we are barely ready. Plus the one rehearsal I decide to skip (and I’ve missed barely any rehearsals) they finally do something that involves me. But o well I will catch up really quick because I know how to work under pressure.
Pants: Levi’s-these jeans are literally my best pants friend along with my other levis because they both make me look soo good 😛
Hood: I can’t really remember I’ve had it for a while but if I had to say, it is from Macy’s. Brand name is Circo.
Tank-top: ah I love my tank tops this one is something my mom brought home for me one day (she does this a lot) so I have no idea
Boots: Marshall’s
Earrings: Claire’s(where I get most of my earrings)
Bracelet: Forever 21

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