Tomboy Girl

We are getting really close to the showing of our play. I am so excited but I barely have time to breathe do home work or even blog. But I want to keep this schedule up so I am doing this in the car on the way home. We got out early because the director wanted to work individually with people. Yea a little late to work individually but I guess that’s how my school works. My outfit makes me feel like a tomboy. I think it is because of the way it’s not exactly girly but I couldn’t really see a guy in it. The cardigan is so comfy and warm which is good because it has gotten really cold lately. I absoluetely love these boots! They are so comfy and i love that no one at my school has them; almost everyone has uggs or the boots with the fringe. Some other districts make fun of us because of that. Kids at my bus stop don’t where coats and I’m in a jacket and sweater. In other words I am smart. My dad and I planted flowers in our front and backyard and they are growing! They are so pretty and I feel like I’m their parent because I brought them life by planting them. Maybe I should name them. Come up with tulip names and post them in the comments!

cardigan: Forever 21

pants: Arizona

tank-top:  Marshall’s

shoes: JCPenny’s

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