American Sweetheart

I feel like a country girl in this outfit and to me country girls are america’s sweethearts. I have always wanted to be a country girl but unfortunatley my parents dont’ own a farm and i am offically too soft to do any of the duties a country girl does. I appreciate you coutry girls going out there and working to bring food to your families and us. From the bottom of my heart I say thanks.  I think I just love how this outfit came together in general; even the bracelets are right on the mark. Any counrty girls out there tell me what you think! I am so tired agian! I wonder if I will ever get a break from all of this school work. This seems like the longest end of the school year ever. I feel like I don’t even have time to breathe anymore. Not even on weekends because I have a lot to do such as going to church and dance class.  I saw a bunny out in my backyard and don’t get me wrong I love animals but I am a bit suspicious of it. I don’t know if I said this but some animal got to a couple of the tulips my dad and I planted and ate some of the tops off! I was so sad to hear because I love tulips and plating them made me feel like they were my children. So Mr. Bunny needs to got eat stuff somewhere else.

Jeans:  Arizona

Plaid jacket and tank-top:  justice

Flower clip:  H&M

Boots: Marshalls

Jewelry and belt:  miscellaneous

What Mr. Bunny Looked like. (but really just a cute bunny off of yahoo :P)

awwww….look at him….I can’t stay mad a you Mr. Bunny!!!


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