Old Faithful



HI!!! Wow I have some energy today. My dad lectured me about getting more and I started getting about 15 extra minutes every night and now I’m not as tired. Thanks dad love you!! ❤ I have been doing so much lately or been so tired that I haven’t blogged in a while. I am obviously still getting the hang of this. This outfit is my old faithful; it will always be around in my closet no matter what happen to other things. All jean material show is Levi’s (I went with my dad to the mall and he bought them for me. Yes it is possible to get along with your dad while shopping.) I never want to wear the pants because for an inexplicable reason I think that there will be an outfit I will pick out that will go better with it later in the week. I also don’t wear the jean jacket as much as I should but not for the same reason. I trying to find cool ways to wear it. (Post any ideas in the comments) I guess for now I’ll just pair it with different color tank tops which is perfectly fine with me. I will also try to wear these at least once a week to get over that feeling that I’ll come up with a better outfit. I guess I just love my Levi’s so much I don’t want them to get dirty or washed out. J

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