My Children (Tulips)

Yes I do have children and their names are my tulips. I planted them with my dad last fall and they have bloomed for this season. My little babies are taking an extremely long nap until next year….sleep well my children. *sniff* they grow up so fast. But you are in luck. I took pictures of them a while ago when they were in full bloom. I know you’re wondering What about your outfit today? Well I had an orthodontist appointment for my new retainers that I only have to wear at night :).  So I got a choice on whether I had to go to school or not and of course I chose the obvious; I chose to stay home and chill. 😎 I am not wearing anything worthy of blogging today. Sorry. But my children are my successors in fashion already; showing their bright petals to the world. It just makes me so emotional! oh just look at the pictures 😦 *cry*

The Three Little Princesses

Names From Left to Right: Adriana, Isabelle, Cadence

The Late Bloomer

Name: Minnie

Leaning Towers

Names from left to right: Odessa, Tami

The Singers

Names from left to right: Tessa, Unique

The Lone Survivor

Name of my strong one: Girl

The Backyard Girls

Names from left to right: Sprout, Blossom, Sun, Cadence, Daria, Blaire, Maci, Abbi, Totia

Before these next pictures I would like to say that I do not favor any of my children I just happened to get close ups of these three. They are quite the camera hogs. 😉

Name: Blaire

Name: Daria

Name: Maci

The End.

Leave comments and pics of your favorite flower. See you!

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