My Second Maxi <3

Hola! I’m a really bad blogger :(. I told you my days were Sunday and Wednesday and then I don’t even do that. From now on I promise no more laziness I will deliver for the….children. Yea so anyway today I realized how much I love church. Like literally if it were up to me I would lock us up in there and nobody could go home….but eventually I would get really sick of them but they would probably get sick of me first. Also that would be too many black people in one room. I have no idea why the ethnicity matters it’s just what I like to say. I probably heard in from someone. Today was a special youth Sunday because we had our youth retreat at our church. (Video footage to come). After we got out we celebrated the birthdays of June with cake and ice cream. Then my church friends and I wanted to find a place to sit and talk. We went to the girls’ bathroom but there were too many people so we ended up sitting on the couch outside the bathroom. I was happy when I got this dress because I had just outgrown my old one. Either we smelled like a savory dish or our beautiful dresses were overwhelmingly stunning because all of these boys surrounded us. I felt so crowded that I started freaking out and had to go to my happy place (Justin Bieber). It’s not that I’m not used to it or trying to brag but there were so many people there in general that it would make anyone who values personal space freak out. They were all supposedly trying to get with me or my sister. But you know what we said: five fingers to the face. I started saying this once I saw it on Victorious….and idk I just like it. 🙂 This time I promise even if I don’t have an outfit to show I will post on Wednesday!!…..for the children!!

Dress and Belt: Macy’s

Mesh sweater: JC Penny’s

Sandals: Target

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One thought on “My Second Maxi <3

  1. This dress is soooooooo cute ur wearing the next time we hang out. and try to smile in ur pictures u look so sad!!!! Darielle out.

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