Really Nice Day <3






Hey guys! Happy Father’s Day!! Today I went to church so I had a reason to put effort into my outfit. I’m not saying this is going to become my regular day like it was before, but I probably will be almost consistently posting on Sunday. Today was a really laid back day. After church we went to the library and whenever I go to the library I always get a handful of books. It’s not that I read really fast it’s just that I can’t settle on one book so I end up getting several. After the library we went to dairy queen and I got…..a job application!!! Yay! I’m excited because I have wanted a job since last year because to be honest I need some money. I need some spending money and some money to put into my savings account, and now I finally have a chance at making some. I am a little younger than what they are looking for but they gave me one because sometimes they hire fifteen year olds. When we got home we all watched “The Call.” Yes I know it came out in like march but who would pay for a movie you can bootleg. I am all riled up now because of it. Kidnappers are scary man, but this girl was kidnapped because she was alone and not paying attention to her surroundings. If you are young especially I you are a girl you must always travel in a group and if there’s a time when you are alone you should pay close attention to your surroundings and be very careful. The world is a scary place and is getting crazier everyday Be careful stay safe please. It’s off topic I know but it is still important to stay safe. 🙂

Skirt: Macy’s or JCPenny’s
Lace shirt: Macy’s
Tank: Marshall’s
Sandals: Target

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