My First Repeat






Well as you can see from the title I have indeed repeated the watermelon shirt, but I mean it’s a great summer shirt man! Also the last time I wore the watermelon shirt and posted was like a year ago. With this outfit it is completely revamped with the hair and the whole rest of the outfit.(The duck face is also different :P) I have been going natural lately. I wore it like this today because I washed my hair and that’s how I like to wear it for the rest of the day when I wash it. I made the pink hair bow and a bunch of others (I became kind of obsessed with them). I learned how to make them from a girl on YouTube called Macbarbie07 better known as Bethany Mota. I love watching her videos about makeup and fashion. She just has so much energy ahhh. Sorry I got a little excited there, but yea anyway I really like her videos you should really check her out along with Stilababe09 better known as Meredith. They are practically the same person it’s kind of scary; they do a lot of similar things. Today it was H-O-T hot like this is the first time it was in the 80’s so this outfit was pretty good because the shirt is thin and breathable. I would’ve worn sandals but I had hip-hop class today so I had to wear my sneakers. Also I don’t know why but the lighting was a bit weird outside I think because of the eerie clouds. Please leave a comment and don’t forget to click that follow button. Bye! Have a wonderful evening.
Top: Jessica Simpson from Macy’s
Shorts: Macy’s
Shoes: Justice
Bow: Handmade by Me 😉

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