Color-blocking Cowgirl





I just had to try to hang from it. :P

I just had to try to hang from it. 😛

The pattern of my new bathing suit.

The pattern of my new bathing suit.

Hello Friends!!! (if you know where that is from you are awesome) Today was a pretty lazy day for me. I just laid around the house all day being lazy. This outfit was actually from yesterday because yes I am a procrastinator and post things late because I get tired. Now that dance is over I don’t really have anywhere to go but I needed a bathing suit so we went out to get that. We actually went to a couple of stores to find the one that perfectly fit me. It’s this blue and purple one-piece with a palm leaf type of pattern. I was looking and of course bikinis were off limits because to my mom they are just a bra and panties, which I guess I kind of get. I’m just glad I could still find some thing that was more mature than my previous swimsuits. It’s time for the teenager Whitney to emerge…in bathing suits :). Also about my outfit this is actually the first time I have consciously color-blocked my outfit. My mom wouldn’t let me wear the boots out of the house because to her boots are only a winter thing but I still managed to get pictures in them. Plenty of people do it but this is just one of those things that no matter how hard I try I won’t be able to change her mind. -_-(sigh) Anyway I really like color-blocking because you don’t have to wear a lot to make a statement. All you have to do when you color-block is add an accessory and the outfit will be complete. As always leave a comment and click that follow button.

Shirt: Macy’s or JCPenny’s
Shorts: Macy’s or JCPenny’s
Boots: Marshall’s
Necklace: came with an outfit
Rings: H&M

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