Island Princess: Almost Grown Up








Hey guys!! So I guess I took a really long hiatus from posting my outfits but I’m back now and I will be posting regularly. This outfit is one of my more mature looking outfits and when I wore it everybody was commenting on how much older I looked. It might have also looked mature because it is from the women’s section. My mom was cleaning out her closet and she found some stuff that fit me. I know what your thinking, and yes it is a bit weird to be wearing my mom’s clothes, but you know it’s cute and unique and goes with the styles today. So I though hey why not go for it and be unique for a change. It’s hard to think that I’m about to be sixteen years old, but you know I feel ready to be sixteen. I am ready to add another year to my experiences as a teenager. Anyway, this outfit made me feel like an Island Princess (hence the title) especially when I was outside. There is some really good weather in Michigan right now. It was a little on the chilly side today but that’s better than a couple of weeks ago when I stepped outside and melted a layer of skin off. You know it’s amazing how much I liked to go outside when I was younger and now I see no reason to go outside. Things aren’t as interesting as they were when I was 10…I think I am getting old. :p As always click that follow button and share with your friends.

Shirt: Hand-me-down from my mom
Pants: Macy’s
Shoes: DSW
Watch: Macy’s

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One thought on “Island Princess: Almost Grown Up

  1. I really love this article and your blog xx! adoore the floral and pastel look it really brings out your beautiful skin color

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