Capture the Moment: Week of 11-18-13

Hello!! What’s up!! So this is the snapshots of my week that made me happy. I hope you can find joy in them as well. As always don’t forget to click that follow button and to comment below!! Have a beautiful day!! 🙂

Someone was stalking me and my friend on our trek to the bus…but the picture is actually really cute

I really would like to try some macaroons

Using YouTube to help me with my homework literally its a lifesaver!!

Going to back in the day to the original!

Took my sister and her friends to the movies to see Catching Fire and it was sooooooo good!!!

Checking out the Bethany Mota collection a Aeropostale coming on December 8th!!

Trying on people’s glasses Which do you think looks better 1 or 2? Leave a comment below!

This is literally all I listened to on the bus since I got it!!

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Pretty in Pink!! <3







Hey guys so today I decided to be all matchy matchy aren’t you proud of me???…no? well that’s ok because I love the color pink and that’s all that matters. I love the cable knit of this sweater because it is so warm and unique. You wouldn’t usually see a cable knit this thin very often. I also did more a messy braided hairstyle today. Today was just a regular day a church and I was a nurse today helping out with the tissues and stuff. 😛 Also today was cake day where we celebrate all the birthdays of the month with cake and ice cream. My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream and even though SOMEBODY (not gonna name any names but you know who you are) made it very difficult for me to get my favorite ice cream because they were hoarding it all for themselves I still got my ice cream. As always don’t forget to click that follow button and like and leave comments below!! I would love to hear what you think.

Sweater: mom’s closet
Pants: Macy’s
Sneaker Heels: Macy’s

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Capture the Moment: Week of 11-11-2013

Hey guys so I know this is a day late but hey better late than never right!! So these are moments from last week that made me happy. Enjoy and as always don’t forget to click that follow button! 🙂

20131118-072007.jpgDrinking hot cocoa in the morning with my awesome ear warmer thingy

20131118-072024.jpg hanging with my family at Rainforest Cafe me and my sis playing around in their kiddie hats

20131118-072101.jpg got some “pretzel bitz” at the mall. Ooh yes that buttery goodness!


getting a new wallpaper for my phone

20131118-072041.jpgAdmiring the the star-lit ceiling in Rainforest Cafe

20131118-072122.jpg after waiting all week I finally got the Tamar Braxton Christmas cd

Snapchatting with my friend who is talented with fruit

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Blue Ombre Nail Art

Hey guys so here is another nail art post for you!! For this one I wanted to try to do three colors in my ombre art instead of the classic two colors. I think it turned out pretty well. Excuse and excess paint let on my hand it’s kind of a messy project. Tell me what you think in the comments below and don’t for get to click that follow button.



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Capture the Moment: Week of 11/4/2013

Hey guys so here is the end to yet another great week. Although I do a lot of the same things every week because of my school routine I can still find things that are different. So here you go!! I hope that these pictures make you smile and inspire you to have fun in your life as well. As always click that follow button on here and for bloglovin’. Also leave comments to tell me what you have done during the week.

Admiring the bright sun despite the chilly weather outside

My first 25 degree angle haircut on my manikin Jaida (yes I named her:))

This is my singing face 😛

Chillin’ and drinking hot chocolate from my fav snoopy cup

My pretty new lock screen of the moment

photo 1
Thought it was a nice effect with the foggy window

photo 2
Playing with a photo maker app

photo 3
admiring my bus driver’s fall decorations

photo 4
found the right filter for my picture

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Peacock Shirt






Hey guys!! So today was just a regular day at church nothing out of the ordinary happened. I am really tired again today but at the same time I feel awake so it’s really weird. I have just been getting really excited about Tamar’s new Christmas album that is coming out tomorrow!!! (I’m actually listing to a song that she leaked right now as I type this!) This is probably the hundredth time that I have mentioned Tamar Braxton in my blog but seriously if you have not checked out her album Love and War you need to go do that and then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. She can definitely sing and I may be slightly obsessed with her. 🙂 Well anyway pretty much when I picked my outfit I just wanted something that hasn’t been blogged before so yea that’s how that happened. The sweater is really soft and the pattern kind of reminds me of a peacock from certain angles. The shoes have also become one of my go to shoes for church because they click and then I sound all fancy. I don’t like to wear them to school because fancy clicking shoes at church turn into everyone thinking you are the teacher before you walk in the room at school. As always click that follow button on here and for bloglovin’. Also don’t forget to like and leave me comments, I would love to hear what you think.

Sweater: Mom’s closet
Pants: Macy’s
Boots: DSW

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Back to School Outfits of the Week #OOTW

Hey everyone so I know this is kind of late considering its November and school started two months ago but I still wanted to do it so here it is. I just wanted you to see how I transitioned from summer to more of a fall look. It’s only four days because we got Monday off for labor day. As always click that follow button and have a wonderful day!! 🙂

MONDAY(Labor Day)

Today I was feeling like being fancy but casual at the same time. This was a really nice outfit for the first day at my new school building. It was an exciting day if I must say so myself I had my first cosmetology class of the year and my first Jills(choir) class!
Jeans: Macy’s or JCPenny’s
Shirt: Mom’s closet
Necklace: came with an outfit
Sandals: Target
Jacket: F21


Today I wanted to experiment with twisting two scarves together which ended up working very nicely. The only problem was that it kept unraveling. I was also happy to find a way to style my flair our pants.
Jeans: Children’s Place
Shirt: F21
Scarves: one from a party the other came with an outfit
tank under shirt: justice
Shoes: Target


This day I wanted to experiment with bright colors. I love how the purple and seafoam-ish green pants go together.
Shirt: Macy’s or JCPenny’s
Pants: Marchall’s
Converse: DSW




This was my favorite outfit. I felt really fancy obviously and I love how the sock bun adds that professional look to my ensemble. I used a rolled up leg warmer which kept showing because it was so think so if you don’t want to buy the donut thing I would suggest using a sock and nothing thicker. Also excuse my pocket sticking out I didn’t notice until I had already taken the outfit off.
Tank: mom’s closet
jean jacket: Levi’s
Jeans: Macy’s or JCPenny’s
Flats: H&M

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