Capture the Moment: Week of 10/28/13

Hey guys so here’s yet another posts of the moments of my week. I haven’t been doing anything too interesting lately but still there are moments that I would like to share with you all. As always don’t forget to click that follow button! 🙂

20131103-203221.jpg Admiring the fall atmosphere. I love picturesque scenes like these.

20131103-203202.jpg Peeling the shellac of my nails may not be the most healthy thing but they looked pretty cool and I just didn’t have the heart to throw them away.

20131103-203117.jpg Now This is a doll that has been played with…yeah she used to be Dora.

20131103-203056.jpg Getting reacquainted with my favorite game Subway Surfers.
Getting pumped for Tamar Braxton’s Christmas CD Winter Loverland

20131103-203249.jpgDoing my sister’s makeup for a costume party. She is supposed to be a creepy doll. What do you think?

20131103-203305.jpg Listening to Katy Perry’s new album on YouTube and I have to say it made me want to dance.

20131103-203320.jpg mmmmmm I love my cookies!!! 🙂 There’s nothing like the smell of them fresh out of the oven.

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