Capture the moment: Weeks 11-24-13 &12-1-13 combined

Hey guys so I was so late on last weeks capture the moment that I decided to combine them into this one! So now you get extra the fun!!! 🙂 enjoy these moments in these last two weeks that have made me happy. As always don’t forget to click that follow button and leave a comment below telling me if you have ever made things out of your food or whatever else you would like.

Week of 11-24

my outfit on thanksgiving it was just a chill day with the fam

I could not stop laughing at this picture that one of my friends found

celebrating my grandmothers b-day which was the day after thanksgiving

20131208-204051.jpg ain’t nothing like a thanksgiving spread

20131208-204102.jpg getting a thanksgiving snapchat from the snapchat team 🙂

One Direction tour dates came out I can’t wait!!!! 🙂

Did a little nail art on my sis what do you think of my snowflakes?

20131208-204136.jpg yes it’s official; I am a working citizen. I got a job a Panera Bread. 🙂

Week of 12-1

obsessing over Tamar Braxton’s Style for a possible celebrity style steal in the future 😉

being a weirdo on the bus

20131208-213924.jpg my bus driver decorated for the holidays!! ^_^

20131208-213936.jpg I love me some Toni Braxton and Babyface to get in the holiday spirit

my friend did my bun for me and I loved it

20131208-213958.jpg my beautiful Christmas tree! I love how it looks in this lighting.

20131208-214010.jpg I like to play with my food sometimes…..

20131208-214025.jpg The Bethany Mota collection came out at Aéropostale!!!

20131208-214038.jpg I am in the process if decorating my room for the holidays


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