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Hey guys so these are some outfits that I would wear on valentines day for the various activities that go on during Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy and find inspiration for what you may want to wear!!

#1 Casual Day-in
These outfits are for if you are just going to have a chill day at home and no not forever alone. You don’t need to go out to on a date to have a good time on Valentines day. Some things that you can do at home are bake yourself a yummy treat, read magazines/books, or watch Netflix. For me personally I would watch The Carrie Diaries and Dance Moms because those two shows are literally my addiction.


Shirt: F21
Headband: F21
Booties: Christmas Present

V-Day Lookbook 033

V-Day Lookbook 035

#2 Casual Day-out
These outfits are what I would wear if I was going to hang out with my friends. It’s a way to be in the V-day spirit of love but at the same time you are not too fancy. If I were to go out this Valentines day I would go to see a movie such as Endless Love or That Awkward Moment. Both are probably painfully cheesy but hey that’s what Valentines day is for right?

V-Day Lookbook 003

V-Day Lookbook 004

V-Day Lookbook 005
Shirt: Mom’s Closet
Pants: Justice
Necklace and Ring: Claire’s
Shoes and Bangles: Macy’s

V-Day Lookbook 010

V-Day Lookbook 011

V-Day Lookbook 013
Shirt and Jacket: Mom’s Closet
Jeans: JCPenny’s or Macy’s
Boots: Sears
Rings: H&M
Bangles: Macy’s

#3 Date Night
These outfits are what I would wear if I had a fancy date to go on… I don’t just in case you were wondering. The first two are more of a first date or if you are going to a really upscale place. The last one is more of a casual date outfit if you and your beau have been going out for a while and you know you don’t have to try that hard but you still want to try a little.

V-Day Lookbook 018

V-Day Lookbook 020
Shirt: Mom’s Closet
Pencil Skirt: Loehmann’s
Heels: Marshall’s
Earrings: Claire’s

V-Day Lookbook 022

V-Day Lookbook 024
Sweater: Mom’s Closet
Dress: Nordstrom

V-Day Lookbook 028

V-Day Lookbook 031
Blazer: Mom’s Closet
Tank: Justice
Pants: JCPenny’s or Macy’s
Earrings: Claire’s

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