Girly Casual





Hey guys so today I was feeling the girly vibe. It’s more of a girly casual vibe with the sneakers included in the mix. Now looking at it I wish it was warm enough for me to wear my sandals at the time because I would’ve liked that better. Anyway the sweater has little gems or sequins or whatever you call them on it so it shimmers in the light. I also like how the pink looks coming through the holes. I also made my hair a little edgy by pinning it to one side (but really I had no choice because my “braid out” looked terribly short and bent a weird way). I guess that I just dealt with what I had and it turned out pretty well, but I will definitely be buying some shoes that I can wear when it’s a little chilly and still look girly. Let me know if you want me to explain what a “braid out” is and other parts of my curly/natural hair care techniques!

See Ya Later!!
❤ Whit ❤

Crochet cardigan: mom's closet
Jeans: Marshall's
Shoes: Macy's
Necklace: Kohl's

What is your girly casual look? What shoes do you think would make this outfit completely girly?

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