Hi 😉 My name is Whitney I am sixteen years old and I absolutely love fashion. I have ever since I first started reading magazines as a pre-teen. I love the idea that you can coordinate your clothes to make a statement. What you wear can describe who you are which is definitely it in my case. My mom and I have to agree on what I choose but most of the time it’s a free for all. My family and I live in the wet and frigid Michigan.

How My Blog Started
My blog started the way most blogs do; I wanted to do something with fashion I read a couple of blogs and boom “Girl in The Clothes” was born. Some of the blogs I read and still read to this day are Canned Fashion by Natalie Hughes, Steffy’s Pros and cons and Girl Next Door Fashion by Charlotte. They all have one thing in common; they are all old enough to live on their own. But I thought as I read that I may not be like them meaning I don’t get as free a choice but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it too. My mom introduced me to word press and after I decided the name as they say the rest is history.

Just a little something

I asked my friend Andi to help me edit pictures and she did a wonderful job. But I forgot to tell her one thing….they have to look natural in order to become a post so this is how I will show the world. Leave comments below!! 🙂


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